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The Regulations Required For BRC Food Safety

The British Retail Consortium has created a series of safety standards which BRC food must meet. The consortium is an organization in the United Kingdom that represents the interests of local retailers. With the following of these standards, retailers can know that what they are getting is a safe and quality product. Requirements ensure that important processes, personnel, and the production environments are all strictly controlled. Hazard analysis of all sectors in the industry is performed and corrections are made continually to provide a superior result.

BRC standards are implemented by manufactures all over the world, and especially the ones that supply retailers in the UK. By passing a third party certification process, manufacturers, brands, and retailers meet legal requirements and guarantee their customers safety. Standards are extensive and are applied to a great range of food processing and handling procedures. They cover a series of legal responsibilities as well.

These standards are especially relevant to companies that supply foods to UK retailers, no matter what the originating country. Usually complying to standards is required for supplying to UK retailers. This is one of several reasons why this standard has been implemented by several organizations around the world.

Requirements include updating quality management systems and documentation as well as making sure factory processes, personnel, products, and environments are closely monitored. Hazard analysis critical control points programs, or HACCP programs, are necessary to comply with requirements as well.

In international food trading, hazard analysis is crucial. This allows potential hazards to be readily identified and for control limits to be established at several points along the production process. Every sector in the industry completes hazard analysis procedures. Service  먹튀검증  operators, manufacturers, processors, and primary producers are all included.

Following the BRC guidelines can benefit an organization in several ways. The safety of its products will be increased as safety management is enhanced. Further, meeting the regulations proves that companies are fully committed to providing the population with safely consumed goods. Participating companies are granted recognition and are accepted as partners by retailers in the UK community. As the confidence in quality improves, fewer supplier assessments will be required as well.

Standards are applied to several areas like quality, safety, and hygiene in various sectors of the industry. They address diligence expected of packers and fillers, suppliers and manufacturers, and retailers. One verification type is agreed on which allows manufacturers and suppliers to create production reports in an easily organized way. Manufacturers know that suppliers are following good hygiene practices. Furthermore, continual surveillance and improvements are done, so products will remain among the highest quality available.

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7 Sex Reasons Why Sexual Intercourse Is Good For You – How Sex Can Better Your Health

Is sex bad for your health? Apparently not. And even if it was, I’ll put money on it that you are not going to get many people to stop bonking. Come on, no sex, it’s not on! As if things aren’t bad enough as it is, where a great many of us have already been told to cut out, or cut down on the things we enjoy and love doing, but to be told no sex, well that’s when people draw the line. I believe if people were told they’d live longer having no sex – then the vast majority would be popping their clogs a lot earlier than anticipated. Why would anyone want to live a miserable life thinking about sex, when they can do it, and have people say they died living a happy one.

Is sex bad for your health? No! Now we’ve been given the green light to say getting your leg over is doing your body some good, let us change the question too: What are the health benefits from having sex?

Sex is good for the heart: Like any physical exertion, sex is a type of cardio-exercise, which gets the heart pumping faster. The heart needs to be exercised for it to stay in shape. Research revealed men who have sex two or more times weekly cut the risk of a fatal heart attack by fifty percent. If you are not having sex for whatever reason, do some jogging or go for a brisk walk. Keep the heart healthy and your performance between the sheets will go from strength to strength.

Sex helps you lose weight: Most sex maniacs you’ll find are skinny. This is worrying because people say I’m skinny, oh well the cats out of the bag so no making excuses. Like any form of exercise, sex helps shed the pounds. A thirty minute sex session can burn off 85 calories. To put that in perspective: 15 minutes working out on the treadmill can likely burn up to 200 calories; 42 of these 30 minute sessions, then, can take a pound off your body weight.

Sex boosts the immune system: Although sex is good for your health, there is the matter of safe sex. If you have unprotected sex then it can be bad for you. There is a wide range of sexually transmitted diseases that can happen through being silly and not using a condom. Sex is always going to be bad if there’s a possibility of an STD being passed on. People who have sex once or twice a week have been shown to have higher levels of immunoglobulin A or IgA, an antibody which helps protect them from respiratory diseases like the common cold and influenza. Nonetheless you mustn’t get greedy because, research discovered those who had sex three or more times a week had the lowest levels of antibodies.

Sex lessens the risk of prostate cancer: Study found that men in their early 20s who had five or more ejaculations weekly were a third less likely to develop the cancer in later years.

Sex eases stress: The medical description for the mood increase sex gives people includes, the brain releases endorphins during and after sexual intercourse, and these neurotransmitters generate a feeling of euphoria while disguising the negative effects of stress. Study showed sex lowers blood pressure, which helps people manage stressful situations better.

Sex relieves pain: Endorphins are freed during sexual intercourse because of the heightened levels of the hormone oxytocin in the human body. This supposedly relieves arthritic and period pains, and more. Lower blood pressure is good for migraine relief.

Sex helps you sleepDoes it though? Would I be right in saying that this would depend on how long you’re at it, and the length of time it takes, and maybe what’s involved? If explosive sex shanes world por is included then wouldn’t anybody be exhausted and ready to give it some shut-eye afterwards? Sex doesn’t haven’t to be full on and action packed for you to lie back when it’s over, and nod off. In addition to relieving stress and pain, the oxytocin created during sex  helps you sleep better. Sex relaxes you, encouraging deeper, more restful sleep.

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How to Choose the Best Fish Food for Koi and Other Pond Fish

A human being can survive just fine living on a diet of hamburgers and fast food.” If you believe this statement to be true and also happen to own a backyard Koi pond, chances are you also believe there is little difference between available fish foods on the market. “A cheap Koi food is the exact same food as the expensive brand with a different label.” This too is another comment often uttered by Koi keepers who choose the diet for their fish based solely on price. And while it is certainly understandable that a pond owner would want to save money, not all fish foods are the same. Below are some of the key factors every Koi keeper should consider when choosing a fish food for Koi and other pond fish.

Nutritional Analysis

You would never go into a restaurant and eat whatever the waiter puts on your plate if you didn’t first know what it was. This same logic should be applied when selecting a diet for your Koi or other pond fish. Different Koi food varieties are formulated for use during different types of the year. All-season food varieties, for example, contain minimal protein content and designed for fast digestion. Growth foods, on the other hand, contain high amounts of protein and are ideal for summer feeding.

Feeding a high growth fish food during the winter can result in serious health issues. As the water temperature drops, the Koi metabolism slows down. Growth foods cannot be easily digested and can literally begin to rot inside the Koi fish, resulting in illness and possible death. Catfish food is designed for short-term feeding of food fish only. These foods were not designed for long-term feeding, nor do they meet the unique nutritional requirements of Japanese Koi.


Many discount fish diets on the market contain fillers, such as corn, which are not highly digestible for Koi and other pond fish. This results in more fish waste being produced, which can cause more work for your pond filter and result in diminished water quality. Whenever possible, it is best to avoid fish foods containing fillers and other low quality ingredients. Many premium Koi food varieties on the market contain ingredients designed to mimic the natural diet of Koi, which are actually ornamental carp, in the wild.

Because many top tier Koi fish food offerings come with a hefty price tag, many pond owners commonly mix different foods together to help provide a healthy Koi diet while limiting the impact on their bottom line. This strategy is extremely popular for Koi keepers with a lot of fish to feed, especially those with larger Koi with equally large appetites. For mixed ponds, those including both Koi and goldfish, this feeding method can also provide a significant savings over feeding a premium quality food exclusively.


In order to maximize economies of scale, most cheap foods are milled in bulk quantities. These foods often sit in a warehouse for up to three years before they are finally sold to a retail customer. As Koi food ages, the nutritional content can deteriorate rapidly. This is especially important for lower quality foods, some of which have minimal nutritional value to begin with. The shelf life of Koi food varies depending on the type of packaging used, but in general it is recommended to use all food within two years from the original mill date.

While choosing a cheap food 먹튀검증 option is certainly understandable given the state of our economy, it is worth noting that not all Koi diets are created equal. A cheap Koi food is not a premium Koi food without the fancy packaging. This reality can be easily proven by comparing the ingredients and nutritional content of budget foods with name brands offered at a slightly higher price.

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Online Shopping – A Renaissance in the Modern Age

With a vast commercialization of the internet in recent decades, there has subsequently been a sudden rampant spike in E-Commerce, leading to most buyers relying on online shopping for products ranging from daily basic necessities to more costly items. The days are gone when shopping went into people’s planners as a day-long task, as it has become mere trivialized that can be completed at any time and any place. Innumerable online shopping stores have, in turn, risen to deal in a great variety of goods to meet the needs of the customers, turning online shopping from just a hassle-free way of buying goods and services to an industrial competition, farther providing customers with greater choices and better facilities.

Lower Prices

Besides appealing discount offers, to sustain a favorable buyer-seller relationship, online stores avail consumers of far lower prices of products compared to physical stores. This has been possible due to the sellers’ understanding that customer shop online mostly to find cheaper products, and thus, reducing their profit margins to attract more customers.

Ease and Comfort

An all-time available customer service support is provided by many websites to stay hip with the customers’ latest needs, to obtain feedback, and to respond to and aid in the customers’ complaints. All sorts of items are eased under the same websites, saving a considerable amount of buyers’ time in the modern busy lifestyle. To add to the comfort, the goods are shipped swiftly, with some websites even availing the shipping of products on the same day as the placement of orders, and availing free shipping if of large orders. Separate display windows for different products and offers, customized search and filter options and even the availability of comparable facility based on best deals are a few of the many more comforts of shopping online.

Variety of Products

With a great number of choices in terms of category, brands and prices, customers are attracted more and more towards online stores. The same website avails buyers of a great variety of goods saving the customers from the stress of finding the right physical stores for different items.

No False Enticement

The most assuring trait of most online shops are that instead of luring customers into buying unnecessary stuff, they provide customers with filters and sorting options to display just the items that they are looking for.

Secrecy of Information

It is often difficult to buy some particular products like lingerie in a physical store due to the starving people around, embarrassing customers without any logical reason. Shopping for such products online gives customers complete privacy about the products they buy. Also, the information about your method of payment is also kept secret to eliminate any types of cyber crime. Reliable refunds of returning goods at trusted websites keeps customers happy and satisfied.

Shopping online is a superb approach to discover deals without needing to leave your home. The wide choice of products and wide assortment of spots to find them effectively make this the most ideal platform to shop, particularly if you are constrained to when you can shop. Pretty much all that you would ever need to purchase is accessible online; from satchels to designer clothing, to toiletries, and pet supplies and even embellishments and repairing parts for your vehicle.

With the rapidly expanding use of smart phones by the world populace, online shopping has become incredulously convenient and can be made while people are on the go. This way, people not only can saves their valuable time but also get the desired products as and when they need them. What is more, most online shopping destinations have released their mobile phone applications through which they offer exclusive deals and offers to their customers. This takes online shopping excitement to the peak.

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Youth Sports – The Role of Organized Sports in Your Child’s Life

Sports provide your child with many benefits including physical exercise, fun, confidence and a sense of community. And for many children, sports are the most natural and joyful way of expressing grace and excellence in their young lives.

With these benefits in mind, and hoping to provide the best opportunities for your child, you and other parents dutifully sign up your young children for the local youth program of choice.  Surely this is the single best way for children to pursue their interest in sports, 먹튀검증  develop their abilities, and get the most out of the experience.  But is it?

Benefits of Organized Sports

Organized sports, administered by adults, offer one path for a child to learn and appreciate sports.  Skill clinics and traditional developmental youth leagues ideally enable knowledgeable coaches to teach children specific sports skills and team play along with sportsmanship and life lessons.  Proper instruction, balanced with competition suited to the age group and skill level, can provide the program’s youth participants with a great experience.  In addition, activities are supervised, helping to ensure the safety of your child.

Don’t make the mistake, however, of believing that organized sports by themselves will provide your child with the best overall sports experience.  Organized sports are only one part of the equation.

Rich Beginnings

In my youth (and possibly yours) playing and learning sports was a multi-faceted developmental experience.  It began with my Dad introducing me to sports by playing catch and providing some basic instruction.  Too young to play in a youth league back then, I can also recall my Dad occasionally taking me to a local baseball field on a warm summer evening to watch a Little League baseball game.  Mostly, I remember the stop afterwards for an ice cream cone.  In elementary school, a gym teacher began our basic instruction in a variety of games and modified sports.  Games of kickball during gym class and recesses provided a fun introduction to team sports.  At seven or eight, I played in my first neighborhood pickup baseball and football games.  Being one of the youngest, I only hoped to get an occasional chance to catch the ball and take some swings at the plate.  I was thankful for the opportunity to play with older boys and be part of the neighborhood group.  As I grew and became a more accomplished athlete, my role increased–and this success only fueled my enjoyment and interest in sports.

Learning to Become Self-Reliant

But it’s essential to understand that these neighborhood games were much more than just playing sports.  They were also about learning how to interact with other children–without the help of parents or other adults.  We learned how to recruit neighborhood kids, organize the game, deal with arguments, balance our individual competitive instincts against the needs of others in the group, and otherwise manage the game so that everyone wanted (or at least continued) to play.  Often, it was a balancing act to keep everyone satisfied and the game going.  Depending on who was playing and our mood, the games emphasized either relaxed fun or more serious competition.  But most importantly, we controlled our experience–we learned to become more self-reliant.


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Dorothy’s Toto Revealed the “Guru” – Learning Self-Reliance During Challenging Times

The Hero’s journey has been described by Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung throughout the 20Th century. I Just never understood it from the point of view of Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz. In a nutshell, the story is extremely powerful and full of metaphor which is why it remains and will always remain a “classic.”

What really stood out for me when I was reading about the symbolism involved in the story was how Dorothy goes on a quest to find “home.” To me, home also means for us adults–realizing we want to be of service and use in this world–home means to discover our passion in our occupation.

So, what do we do? We go on a Hero’s journey to discover that yes, we need brains (Scarecrow) or rational to get to where we want to go, second we want to be excited and passionate about what we do as an occupation so we’ve gotta have heart (Tin-man) and third we realize that in order to make it through this journey and to continue to grow in the direction of our dreams, we must have Courage–(Lion). Courage is extremely important if you ask me.

But Oz–the almighty and all powerful Oz that sits behind his silk screen and orders Dorothy and the others of what to do next to pass the test, and make it back home is really symbolic of the Guru’s we seek out to help us on our journey. What I feel is absolutely brilliant about this character is that even though I have been guilty of looking outside myself for the answers, including in “self-help” books, or through others who claim to know more than I do–I never looked at the all powerful Oz in this light before. We are here to become our own PERSONAL Guru and to start looking within for the answers.

Toto 토토 is the one that realizes this is wrong–(he is representative of our intuition and notice how much Dorothy protects Toto–her intuition (or you could call it “Chris-consciousness”) from anything that would try to entice or force her to sell-out her beliefs and her values. So Toto pulls back the curtain and shows them who Oz really is– just a little man with absolutely no REAL power to bring Dorothy home! Only she (we) have that power.

Here’s my suggestion when we come across times like these, where people are really struggling to get by due to down-sizing, mergers and just flat out corporate necessity (or so they say):

1. Realize that all you need or require to move forward is already within you to make the change. Choose to make the best of the situation by re-evaluating your life and your choice of career. Take a personal development course that really excites you and who knows, maybe it will lead you to where you are meant to be.

2. Let go of the idea that you need a “Guru” to tell you what to do next. Trust that you are the only one–along with Spirit–that knows the right path. And don’t be afraid to ask for help–just be sure that you are not giving away all your power to someone or something OUTSIDE of you! This also ties in with taking responsibility for yourself vs. blaming your job, your spouse, your kids or the economy for that matter.

3. Learn Self-Reliance. You know it wasn’t that long ago when Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote the essay entitled “Self-Reliance” and a lot of what he talks about–is as relevant today as it was back then over a hundred years ago!

Here’s to becoming your OWN personal “guru” and learning self-reliance, so when the economy or your life takes a few blows–you will have the skills and tools to make it to the other side!

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What Is The Powerball and How Can You Increase Your Chances Of Winning?

The Powerball was once named the “Lotto America”, the name changed on June 8, 1999 as well as how the game was played. Now to play this game, you only need $1. With this payment, you get a ticket and five picks from numbers 1 – 55, plus the Powerball 파워볼사이트 number which you get to pick from numbers 1 – 42. The payouts for this game are great if you can get a couple numbers plus the Powerball but the odds are immense. Below you will see the odds for winning at this game.

The odds increase as the amount of numbers you picked accurately increase. The odds are lower for winning the Powerball but the payout increases with the amount of numbers you get plus the Powerball. The odds for winning the Powerball singly are 1 in 68.96 and the payout is just $3. For winning the Powerball and one number your chances are 126.88 with a payout of $4. For winning the Powerball with 2 numbers your chances are 1 745.45. And the odds increase as well as the payout from here on. To win four numbers plus the Powerball the odds are 1 in 584431.85, without the Powerball it would be 1 in 14254.44. If you get all 5 numbers without the Powerball, the payout is a whopping $200,000 but the odds are 1 in 3563608.83. To get the jackpot you would have to match all 5 numbers and the power ball, for this the odds are 1 in 14,610796.

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Survival Tips – The Best Emergency Food Kit

Who Needs The Best Emergency Food Kit?

Who knows what the future holds? If only we knew, day to day, what challenges would arise, we would never be caught unawares. Unfortunately, life just doesn’t work that way. Those who prefer to look forward and make preparations for the “just in case” scenarios are often painted as fringe lunatics and doomsday preppers. However, assembling the best emergency food 먹튀검증 kit for yourself or your family should be something every responsible adult takes seriously. Just a few of the “normal” situations that could arise, when having emergency rations for your family would make sense, include: loss of a job, temporary lay off, extended storm damage or power outage that traps your family at home. Or perhaps you’d just like to be a position to help another family in need, should the opportunity arise. Then there are Armageddon type scenarios that plague the mind of some, and no better way to put those fears to rest than to look ahead and prepare for the worst. Whatever your reasons for looking forward and setting up emergency rations against a difficult time ahead, we are here to help you build the very best emergency food kit for your family.

Identifying Your Needs

First, lay out your preparation strategy. If you’re just getting started in emergency preparation, you may not have more than a day or two worth of food in your cupboard. If that’s the case, building up a thirty day supply of food is a good place to start. If you already have 30 days of emergency rations laid by, the next step may be building up a six month or year emergency food kit. The important thing is to start somewhere, and build your supplies up until you’ve assembled the best emergency food kit that you’re able.

Who Are You Feeding?

Do you have children in the house? Teens? Older or elderly adults? Infants will require special feeding accommodations like milk or formula, while the elderly may have some unique nutritional needs, as well. Map out on paper who you’re building a food supply for and any special things you need to prepare for them, or for yourself. Then consider what it takes to feed that person for a single day.

How Many?

Once you’ve written down what it takes to feed one person for one day, you’ll need to multiply that by the number of people, and the number of days for which you’re preparing.

What Do They Like To Eat?

There’s no need to live for a month on nothing but rice and beans. You don’t want to stock up on three months worth of food that your family won’t touch with a six-foot pole, just because it was cheap. It may keep you alive in a pinch, but you want to enjoy it, if possible. So take the likes and dislikes into consideration as you plan. Don’t forget to consider food allergies, as well. In an emergency situation, you wouldn’t want to face an allergic reaction from cross contamination, so better to avoid problem foods altogether, if possible.