Balancing Work and Life Through Cycling

Achieving a work life balance is important for me. I have experienced prioritising my work over my wellbeing and I must say that the results weren’t good. It made me stressed, irritable, and weak. It took a while before I managed to pull myself back together. I also underwent a therapy just so I would know what to do the next time I come near the same situation again. I was also advised to join sports or any active physical activities. It was then that I decided to join cycling. The next day after I was advised I headed to the nearest cycling shop and got myself some road cycling shoes.

I learned how to ride a bike when I was eight. I didn’t have road cycling shoes back then nor even know they exist. Nonetheless, I was already cycling at an early age around the village and at a nearby park. Cycling became such a fad back then that almost everybody in school has bicycles. Even the faculty members have their own bikes too! This lead to the establishment of the school’s cycling club. I was also an active member back then.

It was in college that I stopped cycling. I moved to the big city to pursue my education. I had to leave my old gears back home. I was a scholar in college so I had to do really good in my studies otherwise I’d lose my chance of finishing my course. Like they all said hard work pays I finished college with flying colours. It wasn’t difficult to find a good job. On my first paycheck, I actually thought of buying new set of cycling equipment like beste fiets aanbieding including road cycling shoes. But I didn’t.

I was already working for two years when I saw a friend who was also a regular cyclist in my hometown. We talked for a while and I learned that he still go cycling from time to time in the big city. In fact, that time before I met him, he came from the cycling shop and bought a new pair of road cycling shoes. I must say that those shoes are just amazing in form and in features. But I wasn’t as interested to return to cycling then.

It was only recently when I was burnt out that I have realised that I should have long gone bought my new cycling equipment and my road cycling shoes. There might be regrets but nonetheless I am pretty excited to get on the bike again.


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