How to Flavor Avocados – Use It As A Cream Cheese Or Butter Substitute

Chemical composition of avocados

Many of the nutritionists around the world recommend adding it to the diet. After all, the amount of sugar in one avocado is zero. Vegetarians use it as a substitute for meat or eggs and therefore add it to many dishes, but only without the skin.

If we consider the chemical composition in 1 piece. avocado, then it will be as follows:

  • a large number of different vitamins;
  • minerals;
  • the whole set of acids, so necessary for the human body.


This fruit is truly vitamin. It contains most of them – from B1 to PP. For example, vitamin E is responsible for the condition of the skin, nails and hair. It gives the body youth and helps the skin to regenerate. By including avocados in the diet, human skin will become much more elastic after some time. B vitamins are responsible for the emotional state of a person.

Trace elements

The set of micronutrients found in avocados is very large. It contains iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc and many other useful substances. Thus, iron significantly improves the functioning of the entire circulatory system and creates the much-needed blood cells. Potassium makes it possible to neutralize acid in the body. A large amount of oleic acid actively fights cholesterol, and also prevents the accumulation of fats under the skin. Due to the large amount of trace elements, this fruit is recommended for use in case of constipation, as well as to restore the digestive system.

Energy value of the product

It is worth considering in more detail the content of KBZhU fresh avocado, which falls on its 100 grams.

Avocado nutritional value

  • the fruit weighs on average up to two hundred grams;
  • contains one hundred and seventy kilocalories;
  • two grams of protein;
  • fifteen or twenty grams of fat;
  • six grams of carbohydrates;
  • one gram of ash;
  • seventy-five grams of water;
  • zero point six tenths are dietary fiber.

Calories in an avocado

One fruit is about two hundred and fifty kcal. If we compare it with cabbage, then one fruit in calorie content is equal to 500 g of cabbage. Since fruits are different by weight, not everyone can cope with calculating the calorie content in one avocado. But you can still try to do it. The peel and bone make up about thirty grams of the fruit. Therefore, subtracting this weight from the total, you can find out the real weight of the pulp. After that, the calculation will not be difficult.

In those countries where it is grown, avocados are called meat for the poor. To keep your waist slim, you only need to eat a fifth of the fruit at a time. It will weigh approximately fifty grams and contain only seventy-five kilocalories.

You can also consider some dishes with the addition of this dietary product, as well as their calorie content per hundred grams of the product:

  • the alligator pear soup contains fifty-five calories;
  • chicken salad with avocado will have the same one hundred and fifty kilocalories;
  • oil made from this fruit contains eight hundred and eighty kilocalories.